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We connect
nature and
urban living

Many of us feel the urge to enjoy greater contact with nature.

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People are keen to experience nature’s benefits and knowledge. They travel across the globe to find harmony with nature. Yet this connection can be created without going so far. Be Living wishes you a natural welcome at home.

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We rent out properties
that connect urban architecture
with nature, circularity, flexibility
and property ownership.

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Each rental property
offers a full experience
of connecting with nature,
created by Be Factory.

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The façade, structure and interior of the urban buildings have been renovated with natural and recovered materials.

Even our furniture has been created from natural raw materials and recovered ones.

The gardens are not only charming to look at, they also support biodiversity and regeneration. In each garden, 95% of the plants are edible and require little maintenance.

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As temporary residents
on this Earth, we are
duty bound to care for it.
Together, and for
the next generation.

We will soon offer a hybrid form
of renting and ownership.

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At Be Living, you can rent a property. And very quickly choose to become a shareholder in the property company that owns this property, among others, on special terms. So you will be able to build up your own private capital.

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If you love nature,
live in the city.